Types of Hotel Key

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  • Room Key: Key available for use by the guests to open the rooms such as CARD or a special card and some form of regular keys, so-called Key Tag if the child is the key hanger.
  • Pass Key: key available for use by Room Boy or Maid in carrying out cleaning duties rooms.
  • Master Key: A key that can be used to open the door on one floor / floor or one section area. So if the hotel consists of 8 floors / section in the hotel so there will be 8 pieces Master Key.Master key is usually held by the head of the House Keeping and used when necessary to inspect the work of Room Boy all the time.
  • Grand Master Key: A key that can open every door of the room / common room in the hotel, including Restorant, Section Floor Area, and so on. This key usually held by the Chief or Duty Manager at the time of the afternoon, and is used to open the locked door or twice in double lock.

 Double Lock occur:

  1.  Payment for guest accounts in doubt, so that the management was forced to block rooms for guests to get clear to come to FO Cahsier deliver the necessary explanations. Usually before a room at the Double Lock, guests have first sent a special warning from the accounting, so that guests complete the credit / guests in hotel bills, and if no response to 2 times the notice, then the room will be on the block with DOUBLE LOCKED system.
  2.  Payment for guest accounts have exceeded the maximum credit limit that can be tolerated, and after a couple of times a notification via a letter to an advanced menembah guest or guests deposit but no response, then the room will be blocked / double locked.
  3. Double room locked by the guest from within understanding DON'T DISTURB
  • Emergency Key: A key that can open all doors in hotels, among others:

Guest room door (Guest Room)

Door Office (Office)

Door Warehouse (Store)

This key is usually held by the Management Hotel or GM can use the emergency moment / emergency.

Planning and Organising the Housekeeping Department

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Like all other manager in a hotel, the executive housekeeper uses available resources to attain objectives set by top management executives. Resources include people, money, time, time, work methods, materials, energy, and equipment. This Resources are in limited supply, and most executive housekeeper will readily  admit that they rarely have all the resources they would like. Therefore, an important part  of the executive housekeeper's job is planning how to use the limited resources available to attain the hotel's objectives.

             The  executive housekeeper uses objectives set by the general manager as a guide in planning more specific, measurable goals for the housekeeping department. For example, one of the executive housekeeper's first planning activities is to clarify the department's cleaning responsibilities and to map strategies for carrying out these responsibilities effectively. Strategies will identify the types of cleaning task and indicate how frequently the task must be performed.